Why you should dedicate yourself to your partner..

I came across a YouTube video recently where the host of the channel was giving her opinion on "how to become a good wife". She was talking about some tips, obviously from her own life.One of the tips was,"giving yourself completely to your husband and not expecting anything in return." For this advice, there were... Continue Reading →


6 things to do when your partner is away..

The universe has decided to keep your partner away from you for some good amount of time. You are too used to be around him/her, doing things together, getting cozy and feel his/her warmth everyday. But the time has come where your partner's duty/responsibility has taken a priority and he/she is moving away from you... Continue Reading →

A ranting couple? Oh please stay away..

You and your husband are in company of his or your friends. Conversation has turned hot and with the flow, you blurt out something about your partner which often makes you unhappy. Immediately your partner would defend himself or his face might have fallen. Did you notice that change in your partner? When you both... Continue Reading →

Is he your Mr. Right?

You might be newly dating or have a live in relationship or have a crush on that one guy. You go all woo-hoo when you see him. You get goosebumps when he throws that careless smile of his. He secretly sneaks into your train of thoughts. Wow, the feeling is indescribable. Now, stop for a... Continue Reading →

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